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Lexus RX Trunk Lid Spoiler(Painted)
This product will be shipped by TNT.
※ example picture (Black painted)

●Spec / FRP (fiber Reinforced Plastic)
●Install time / 0.5h
●Painting time / 2.0h
●Applicable Model / 450h(GYL2#)/200t(AGL2#), Oct.,2015-
●Made in Japan
※Unpainted product to be painted later
#:Color code to be added according to each body color

Item Number64440-TGL25-#
Item NameLexus RX Trunk Lid Spoiler(Painted)
Model Code450h(GYL2#)/ 200t(AGL2#)Oct., 2015
Graphite Black glass Flake(223)
White Nova Glass Flake(083)
※Some painted products have ceased to be sold and have been changed to unpainted products. Please check with the seller before ordering.
Price35,000 JPY

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