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Folding Container Box 20L

Large capacity container box which can collectively store from maintenance supplies,
garage parts of your vehicle and to racing gears such as helmets, racing suits, gloves, shoes, etc.

● When not in use, the container can be folded compactly, so it can always be kept in the trunk.
● Because of the resin product, there is no trouble of getting rusted even if it gets wet.
● Equipped with a simple lock function on the lid part, which prevents the contents from popping out even if it accidentally falls.
● As well as the same size of the containers, different size of containers (50L and 20L) are stackable together.

● Material: Plastic
● Product Dimensions: Size: W 530 x D 366 x H 334 mm (Assembled)
W 530 × D 366 × H 95 mm (Folded)
● Capacity: 20.8liters
● Item Weight: Approximately 1.27 kg
● Maximum Weight Capacity: Approximately 12 kg
●Made in Japan

Item Number08315-TCB01-20
Item NameFolding Container Box 20L
Model Code
Price4,000 JPY

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