Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

1.Seller TOM’S Co. Ltd.
2.Operation Supervisory Manager 
3.Contact Name 
  Contact Address 6-13-10 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0082 JAPAN
  TEL  +81-3-3704-6191
  Mail Address 

4.Ordering Procedure
Please place order by entering the information into the form in this website.

5.Payment method for goods
Credit Card ( Visa / Master / Diners / JCB / AMEX) / Paypal is accepted .
As to details of payment, please refer to “ Payment and Shipping Charge”

6.Due date for Payment
(1)Credit card (One time charge only):Visa / Master / Diners / JCB / AMEX
After order confirmation, we send e-mail to request payment to the registerd address.
Please access to URL shown in the mail, then proceed with payment by credit card.
(2)On-line payment service, such as PayPal:Please input information of the service you use. Payment procedure to be according to the condition of the concerned payment service.

7.Other charge needed except for goods
(1)As to Shipping charge, please refer to the explanation separately stated.
(2)Customs duty to be included in charge of goods

8.Cancellation of ordered goods
Cancellation can be accepted within ---- hours after Order date/ time.
Please advise us by e-mail.
※Cancellation Policy to be set by each customer (Member)(same as for 8,9)

9.Expire date of order
Your order is valid for ●● days
Order by Member with payment by bank transfer shall be cancelled in case payment cannot be confirmed after ●● days.

10.Shipping of goods
Transportaion company shall be appointed by TOM’S in managing shipping of goods.

11.Delivary due date
TOM’S will make shipping within ● working days after order confirmation
Delivery to customer shall be according to the delivery schedule of transportation company appointed.

12. Due date of returning goods
Within ● days after delivery (limited to the goods whose box is not opened yet)
The details of returning goods / cancellation shall be shown in ‘Terms and conditions’